Messermeister Avanta 4 Piece 5" Fine Edge Steak Knife Set


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Gear up for backyard barbecues and memorable dinner parties with Messermeister's Avanta 5" Fine Edge Steak Knife Set. Each knife in this beautiful 4 piece personal carving set is outfitted with a razor-sharp straight edge that curves upwards to a spear point tip. Cut through even the thickest steaks with ease, swiftly slice around gristle, cut out cartilage and carve off delicious, juicy bites of meat. Timeless and functional, these blades are best used when pulled—not pushed—through meat, and make the perfect addition to any growing kitchen utensil collection. Unlike other Avanta knives, this is an economical steak knife set that is made in China and has a POM handle.


Designed for one of the leading culinary schools in North America, Messermeister’s Avanta Knife Line boasts quality, durability, and top-tier performance at an affordable price. Forged from high quality German steel—providing incredible edge retention—each blade is outfitted with a fully exposed tang and forged bolster for added stability, strength, and heft. Finished with a rich PakkaWood handle, these tasteful, triple-rivet beauties are sharp, rust resistant, and easily re-sharpened to a razor-like edge. 

About Messermeister

When it comes to world class German knives, Messermeister sits alone at the top. Each knife is crafted by a master, for a master. A favorite of the world's top chefs, collectors and enthusiasts, each blade is hot drop hammer forged, the traditional way. With a name that literally translates to Knife Master, it's no wonder they have been dominating the culinary world ever since their founding in 1981. Messermeister's Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects ensures these premium chef knives can be passed down for generations to come.

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