Ergo Chef Fast Edge Pull Through Knife Sharpener (Red or Blue)


No more guessing angles with the FastEdge® Pull Through Knife Sharpener from Ergo Chef. This manual sharpener features two sides – one is a course carbide side for sharpening blades, and the other is a fine ceramic side for honing and fine tuning your knife edge. Make your knives sharp as new with just 4 to 6 pulls through each side of the Fast Edge sharpener. The 18 degree two stage cartridge is removable and offers an eco friendly sharpening experience, with each cartridge lasting upwards of a year depending on use. Ergo Chef research has shown that an 18 degree edge is most versatile and durable for all types of knives giving you a smooth cut through all kinds of food. Sharpener is easy to clean: simply remove the cartridge, wash with dish soap, rinse under warm water, dry and store. All of that within a tool that fits easily in your kitchen drawer.

Please refer to our Ultimate Sharpening Guide for more information on proper use.

FastEdge Replacement Cartridges also available.


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