Kitchen Essentials 8" Walnut Square Bar Block with Bunn Feet


Made from locally grown walnut, the Kitchen Essentials 8" Walnut Square Bar Block with Bunn Feet is the perfect addition to any home kitchen with limited counter space. Doubling as a serving board for charcuterie and cheeses, this versatile, heavy-duty chopping block is an essential pick-up for anyone who enjoys entertaining. Measuring 8" x 8", it comes with self-adhesive rubber bumpers to put on the feet to protect table and counter tops from scratches and scuffs. Also available in Curly Maple.

About Martin’s Home Wares

Martin’s Home Wares is a third generation family-owned business that marries old-world craftsmanship with innovative contemporary design to create timeless, handcrafted lifestyle products for your home. Made proudly in the USA, their unparalleled attention to detail and exquisite artistry can be seen in every cutting board, serving tray, entertainment piece, and article of kitchen furniture they produce. Using sustainably grown and harvested wood, their exceptional products are the perfect compliment to any modern kitchen and will last for years to come.