Messermeister 9 Piece Garnishing Tool Set


Whether you're a professional chef or an adventurous at-home party planner, the Messermeister 9 Piece Garnishing Tool Set is a must have addition to your kitchen collection.  Carefully selected by a professional chef, the garnishing set is comprised of the most often used fruit, vegetable and decorating tools available. Expertly ground stainless steel tool heads offer razor-like sharpness, while silicone handles ensure a slip-free carving experience. Housed in a zippered vinyl pouch, this multi-purpose garnishing set is easy to store and a breeze to transport. The plastic interior pockets make certain that your tools are never lost or damaged. Maintain your tool heads on the small ceramic sharpening stick (included) and gain confidence in their individual uses by referencing the included pocket guide.

This set includes:

  • V-Carving tool
  • Double-V carving tool
  • Thick U-shaped carving tool
  • Skinny U-shaped carving tool
  • Two-Sided wavy-edge melon carving tool
  • Edged carving tool
  • Carving knife
  • Small sharpening stick

About Messermeister

When it comes to world class German knives, Messermeister sits alone at the top. Each knife is crafted by a master, for a master. A favorite of the world's top chefs, collectors and enthusiasts, each blade is hot drop hammer forged, the traditional way. With a name that literally translates to Knife Master, it's no wonder they have been dominating the culinary world ever since their founding in 1981. Messermeister's Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects ensures these premium chef knives and tools can be passed down for generations to come.