Messermeister Mu Bamboo 10" Slicing Knife


Adorn your next holiday table setting with the Messermeister Mu Bamboo 10' Slicing Knife. Ideal for most medium to large cutting tasks, the long, slender blade and precision fine edge taper to a spear point, making it great for separating meat from bone and slicing it into thin serving portions. Graceful and sharp, you'll be able to make easy work of prime rib, ham roasts, and perfectly cooked poultry. Whether you use it daily or just for special occasions, this is one precision blade that will help your delicious meal and gorgeous table setting shine. Also available with a linen textured resin handle in a 10" Slicing Knife from Messermeisters Mu Fusion line. 

Expertly crafted in Seki, Japan, Messermeister's Mu Bamboo line is where Japanese design meets German craftsmanship. Featuring a fully stamped high carbon, molybdenum vanadium steel blade and impressively sharp 15-degree precision edge, Messermeister's Mu Bamboo exudes a powerful elegance that you will cherish for years to come. In staying with Japanese tradition, the blade is tempered to 58 rockwell—harder than Messermeister's German masterpieces—and maintains the sleek, bolsterless design that you've come to know and love. Capped with an environmentally friendly bamboo handle, these knives marry the best of both cultures, so you truly can have your cake and eat it, too.

  • Blade Length: 10"
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

About Messermeister

When it comes to world class German knives, Messermeister sits alone at the top. Each knife is crafted by a master, for a master. A favorite of the world's top chefs, collectors and enthusiasts, each blade is hot drop hammer forged, the traditional way. With a name that literally translates to Knife Master, it's no wonder they have been dominating the culinary world ever since their founding in 1981. Messermeister's Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects ensures these premium chef knives can be passed down for generations to come.