Messermeister San Moritz Elite 10" Kullenschliff Slicer Knife


Craving a blade that makes thin, flawless slices in large roasts, juicy birds, and glazed hams? Then feast your eyes on Messermeister's San Moritz Elite 10" Kullenschliff Slicer Knife. Its long, narrow fine-edge blade tapers to a spear point tip—great for puncturing tough skin and accessing tight joints so you can easily slice meat from bone. Quickly turn large carving chores into efficient and enjoyable culinary tasks with effortless single-motion slices. Dotted along the full length of the blade are alternating kullens (a.k.a. grantons, kullenschliff's or hollows) that reduce drag and prevent product from sticking to the blade, so you can slice and serve your delicious meal in record time.  

The San Moritz Elite Line is the rivet-less contemporary ergonomic handle version of Messermeister's world-renowned Elite series, individually handcrafted one at a time by 3rd and 4th generation cutlery artisans in Solingen, Germany. Like all Messermeister masterpieces, these knives are one-piece hot-drop hammer forged from a single billet of the finest German steel alloy, the same method used for centuries of world class German knifemaking. Each San Moritz Elite knife is handcrafted one at a time, giving every blade an unmistakable heirloom quality to be treasured by any family and kitchen.

  • Blade Length: 10"
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

About Messermeister

When it comes to world class German knives, Messermeister sits alone at the top. Each knife is crafted by a master, for a master. A favorite of the world's top chefs, collectors and enthusiasts, each blade is hot drop hammer forged, the traditional way. With a name that literally translates to Knife Master, it's no wonder they have been dominating the culinary world ever since their founding in 1981. Messermeister's Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects ensures these premium chef knives can be passed down for generations to come.